In this kitchen, I sift the flour.

Except that’s a total lie…I always manage to skip that step. And things still turn out well. Most times.

What I’m getting at really is, I measure the ingredients. I whisk and bake and taste test (maybe too much). I do the dishes…or I single-handedly plead with my husband to do them.

It only makes sense that this self-made theme carry itself over into my blog design. Yes…some days I’d love to hire a designer and a coder and someone to style my hair before I try to put my own face here.

Some days I feel like I’ve built a house and then set it on fire…with all the drama and less of the, well, fire.

But most days, I’m pretty dang proud of this place. And my two hands that built it…with just a little help. (Truth.)

This blog is hosted by Blue Host. They are the patient, crazy smart people I freak out to when I make a mess of things. (After I pour a glass of wine and call my mom.)

And, The Thesis Theme for WordPress allows me to handle the basic design work (this means it’s seriously user friendly) without having to spend extra on a fancy designer. It’s approachable…and I had zero web design experience when I started this little blog.

Disclaimer: The links above are affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. However, my reviews are honest, and I would never put my name to something that didn’t impress me majorly first.

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